When Your Agency Needs To Access Professional & Meaningful Scale That works Within Your Existing framework

Are you an agency working with a challenging client? Perhaps you’re required to stick to certain processes and ways of doing things or maybe your business only uses specific types of software and processes. If this sounds like your business then you need a Dedicated Resource who will sit outside your business, helping you when and where you need it. This means that you can have someone to help you tackle large volumes of client work with their undivided attention.

It’s a great option for when you can’t yet afford a full time hire to support your business and don’t have existing staff with the skills or level of seniority required to get the job done. As with all services we provide, you pay wholesale rates that are nowhere near as expensive as a local employee.

Dedicated Resources are educated, experienced and unlikely to let you down when you rely on them. They can even help existing employees or assist with showing them how it’s done.

From SEO to Pay Per Click, Social Media Management & Advertising, Web Design & Development, Content Writing, Lead Generation, Graphic Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, we can provide your highly skilled and experienced resources that can help your business to scale fast.

What are you waiting for? Outsource dedicated resources now and start growing your business to the next level.


"Great service, great knowledge and an awesome team to work with!"

Working with Globital has been fantastic, needing access to resources at a fraction of the cost, with such great output has been a game changer for us. Great service, great knowledge and an awesome team to work with! Thanks guys 🙂

Jose Soares



Google Ads Manager

CRO Consultant

Graphic Designer

Local SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Social Media Manager

Website Designer

Website Developer

Dedicated Resources Work As An Extension Of Your TEam
They Are Not Just A Switch On And Leave Solution